Sunday, August 28, 2011

Polyandry Place: How Can Polyandry Work? .... published by Melinda

Polyandry Place: How Can Polyandry Work?  I have not had too many negative things said to me about my relationship with 2 men. In my personal life only a very few people know our arrangement...

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Black? White? BBC? Racism?

Hotwifing can at times include what are usually termed as "Interracial" encounters.  Especially with the Hotwife Lover being "black" and the Hotwifing Couple "white".  "Black" men are often touted as being sexually superior and better endowed than "white" men.  I thought I'd take a moment to express some views and ideas on this.

Pardon me for getting a little technical here. There are a couple of definitions that are constantly being thrown around that are really misnomers. The first one(s) being "BLACK & WHITE". Assuming we are talking about "black or white" as colors (pigments), using the "subtractive color theory"... I have never seen an actual "black" person. I have only seen folks that have varying shades of "brown". Some "dark brown" and others "light brown", and even others "very dark or light brown". On that same note, I have never (other than possibly Albino) seen a "white" person. I have only seen folks with varying degrees of a "tan" skin color, from "very light tan" to "very dark tan"... even "brown".

Why am I making these almost obvious statements? The answer is because the second misused term is "RACE". The last I checked we are all of the human race. The race of man and woman. BTW the word woman came about when the first man saw his wife... he said "WOH MAN.... IS SHE A HOT WIFE!"... sorry for the bad humor... But really, the very fact that we consider "different races" is do to antiquated Darwinian/Evolutionary teachings, stating that we evolved differently, in different categories, classes or "races". In actuality, the differences in our skin color, eye shape, lip size, hair, muscularity, body types, and even possibly certain personality traits, etc, come down to very, very small differences in our DNA makeup, caused by variations in the available gene pool for each area. There are really no different skin colors... rather only differences in the amount of melanin causing the varying shades of apparent skin pigmentation. Some have more melanin, thus brown or dark brown, and some have less, thus tan, light tan, or even Albino (an extreme or complete lack of melanin).

Simply put... if two dark skinned people procreate, you tend to end up with dark skinned offspring. Likewise if two light skinned people procreate, you most often end up with light skinned offspring. If you have an area where the gene pool is made up of mostly dark skinned people, you end up with a population of mostly dark skinned people... even if there are some light skinned people in the area. It's just a matter of what traits are present in the available gene pool for that area. If the entire earth's gene pool was located in one area, you would most likely end up with a well distributed mix of all the genes, resulting in a world population with very similar features.

That being said, I have no problem with someone using the term "black" or "white", especially in the context we are using here. I do have a problem when someone on the news specifies a person's skin color with no useful purpose, such as "a black man killed a white woman today"... I hate when they say that, as it proliferates division. I believe that in general, the majority of so called "black" men in the US, tend to be more dominant, muscular, sexual... but not because of skin color, but rather the fact that they are from areas of strong dominant gene pools, including melanin. I also think that cultural factors come into play that can account for certain traits.  It's not to say that "white" men don't have these qualities as well, but it's just sort of a statistical analysis of the population, and a generalization.

All of the "black" folks I know are very nice, intelligent people, not gangsters (as pop culture wants to portray). Most of them are also very dominant and muscular indeed. I look at that as a good thing. My gene pool wasn't so lucky LOL. I also believe that the BBC endowment concept is not exclusive, but generally true indeed... at least in the United States. There are also many areas on the earth where dark skinned people originate from. We tent to think of all "black" people as African Americans. That's not the case. Many are from other areas.... Yet we are all of the same original race!

As much as I dislike racism, I believe there is unfortunately at least a little racism ingrained in all of us (regardless of our skin tone), because of the way we were raised and taught improperly. Christians, Jews and Muslims for that matter, are supposed to know and believe that we are all of the same offspring, but that is not taught as truth in most churches, synagogues, or mosques anymore. People of these faiths are also supposed to understand that we all had access to the same total original gene pool until the confusion of languages and cultures at the Tower of Babel.

To all this I say, I love it when I see a "black" man with a "white" woman, especially a another "white" man's wife! It's not a degrading thing, but a rather to me a submission to a most likely, more dominant male, as well as a recognition of the great qualities that many "black" men have in their genetic makeup.

Call people what color you like, but know the truth about there being only ONE RACE!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Ghost on Twitter? A Matchmaker Ghost?

Is this an idea for a TV show?... or is it a Real Ghost trying to find a man for His Wife?

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Idea for a Hotwifing Drama Series!

Here's an idea for a continuing series about a brand new hotwifing couple who's wife falls in love with her lover!

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