Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Milder Approach to Hotwifing

Seeing my wife with another man is a pure turn on to me.  Not because I don't love her, and not as an excuse for me to cheat... it is mostly about wanting to please her and see her enjoying that pleasure of something different in her life that I feel she would really love.

As I looked for information on how to go about this, or even a website where I could gradually introduce my wife to the concept, I found mostly sites that contained hardcore images and stories.  I don't have a problem with these more hardcore websites, however, I cannot even imagine my wife (at this point), even remotely looking at these sites. That's what let me to the thought of starting Hotwifing 101.

I'm curious as to how many others are interested in this concept?  Having a website where not only you could get information about your desire to somehow share your wife, without all the hardcore, and possibly even use the website as a tool to introduce the topic in a mild way to your wife.

The basic thought is that many men may want to start slowly and maybe even have their wife just be attractive to other men and maybe enjoy seeing her pursued by men.  Other's, not unlike myself, would like to start by seeing their wife kiss and make out with a guy.  Many men would just enjoy seeing their wife go out with another man on a date.

Again, I personally would love to see my wife with another man in many ways, it is just that starting from the extreme that most websites display a HotWife, is almost impossible to present to a woman that has never thought about this, or is very tentative about it.

My thought is to have a website where both men and women involved can get information about the desire, and realize that it isn't so uncommon.  Although sharing your wife is a desire for many men, there are also women that may have this desire to be shared, and feel uncomfortable presenting the idea to their husband as well.

Anyway, this is my first real blog on the subject, however short it may be.  I'd be curious to get some real comments and ideas, as I am slowly building the website.  Please follow this blog, and/or become a contact on my gmail.

Visit Hotwifing 101 to keep track of the website progress!


  1. Yes I believe I have, and have been posting the site there as of yesterday.


  2. My wife and I have been in this lifestyle for 19 years, we will celebrate our 26th anniversary this month. I like the approach you are taking here and think a lot of people will also.

  3. I believe your approach has been on the minds of many men. I am in the same position but have not found any easy way to begin. I have shared my thoughts with my wife and learned she has many reservations. We are slowly approaching each but takes a lot of patience. Wish me luck!