Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Website: HOT WIFE LOVE!

We've started a new website: Hot Wife Love to focus more heavily on the "emotionally involved" aspects of hotwives, husbands, and their lovers.

Imagine that your wife was to fall in love, or at least have real strong feelings for a man.  How would this effect your thoughts about hotwifing?  To some this is a desirable thing, while others fear this as "something gone wrong".

As a Hotwife, do you desire to just let go and fall, or at least feel strongly for other men?  There are so many possibilities to Hotwife relationships, and this is just one of the deepest subjects to look into.

We will be adding to the website over time, so please bookmark it with our other websites for future updates.

Very close to Polyamory... Hot Wife Love can be a wonderful way to cap off a Hotwifing experience... getting beyond just the physical, into the deep areas of a new exciting relationship!

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