Monday, October 11, 2010

Men's Roaming Eyes and Brains!

I was just thinking yesterday about my motivation for hotwifing and sharing my wife.  I think it goes hand in hand with our inability to stop from looking when we see a hot woman.  Even though we are married or attached, we can't help but gazing at a hot woman, even if it is out of the corner of our eye.

Since my interest was piqued in sharing my wife, whenever I see a hot woman, wearing hot clothes, or anything that stands out attractive about her... I imagine my wife in that role.  For some reason I now transfer those thoughts that would have been previously wandering thoughts, to fantasizing about my wife turning my head and others.  It actually draws me to focus more on my wife than in the past.

I may write an article about it sometime, or I welcome other's to write  about it, and I'll post it on the Hotwifing 101 website.

Just a random thought I had yesterday, but it seems to make sense to my way of thinking.

I would like to know your thoughts?

Also, we have started a new Forum... for those interested in some conversation.

Thanks for reading.

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