Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New!!! "Hotwifing World" Website


I've been spending some time trying to organize all our websites into a logical hierarchy.... and in so doing, I ended up purchasing a new domain (

Although "Hotwifing 101" is our main theme and our niche focus, the "Hotwifing World" domain will now be kind of the over all index that will suffice as "the" main page that links off to all our other websites, blogs, channels, social sites, etc.  This should simplify finding all of our sites, etc.

If you bookmark, you should be able to access any new additions to our network of websites, and other web media.

Our Current Websites and other Web Networking Sites Include:

Website Domains... owned and run by us:
(Over all index domain for all sites, blogs, networking)
(For all beginners in the hotwifing scene, but a "real info/no fantasy" site)
(For info that's just a little more hardcore than 101, and many resource links)
(A new website for posting listings of hotwife couples and interested men)
(A general list of places to make real life hotwife connections)

Interactive Networking Sites... run by us:
(Hotwifing World - Forum Board for interactive talk)
(My/Our Facebook Page)
(Our generic YouTube video channel)
(Our generic Blog)

Please make it a point to support our websites and networking sites, simply by joining our forum board, commenting on blogs, emailing us, referring us, or linking to us.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. i am interested in being a hotwife but i prefer black men can you be choosy how do you suggest getting started i have husbands ok